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15 Marketing Principles That Will Immediately Elevate Clarity And Purpose In Your Business To Make More Sales...Without Any Capital Investment!

"MISSION HACKS: 15 Principles To Achieve Clarity Of Purpose In Business And Life"

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Learn How To Achieve Clarity And Purpose In A Season Of Transition


Entire Industries Have Disintegrated Under Our Feet...



In 2020 alone, Hertz rental car company declared bankruptcy along with Neiman Marcus, Victoria's Secret, J.C. Penney, 24 Hour Fitness and many others. Starbucks announced the permanent closure of 400 stores. Chanel, Hermes, and Rolex stopped production. Nike eliminated 700 jobs.


The Work From Home environment has irrevocably changed how businesses operate. Pivoting amidst the disruption of the pandemic that continues to convulse the workplace has been mandatory for business survival, often requiring decisions without a comprehensive picture of what tomorrow brings.


During the pandemic every business is having to adapt and think of doing things a different way; those that do not will lose market share to their competition who have effectively recognized the shifting climate and made the necessary pivot in their business.

With the Apogee Clarity Method Masterclass, learn the principles gathered from over 30 years of leadership experience

Through a proven set of lessons learn how to establish clarity and purpose, no matter what your business or current environment is, so you can emerge stronger and better in the next chapter.

A comprehensive 3-phased program, built upon three decades of leadership and experience, and has saved clients millions of dollars already!

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The Pontio Bundle


Learn the compelling and time-proven principles of how to successfully build and lead teams.


Gleaned from over three decades of leading teams worldwide, these 10 lessons provide you with invaluable skills to empower your current and future teams while expanding your leadership and communication dexterity.

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The Canji Inner Circle


This exclusive group coaching holds the keys to get the feedback and mastermind support you need, enabling you to generate targeted solutions quickly.

In the Canji Inner Circle, you receive 6 months of weekly group conference phone calls with Ben, creating the powerful opportunity to identify, craft, and execute strategies best suited for your particular business needs. Includes bonus leadership materials.


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Kala Elite


Limited to an exclusive group of serious players worldwide, Kala Elite provides the unprecedented opportunity to network with and learn from Ben, receiving bespoke, personalized help on your business's most impactful projects.

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