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"I've been involved with politics for years and have heard hundreds of live speeches, including many from individuals whose names you probably know.  I heard Ben give a talk in a non-political setting and his delivery and message were professional, relevant, interesting and inspiring.  I went up afterwards and told Ben he was probably the best live speaker I've heard in over ten years of taking in keynote speakers on a fairly regular basis." 

- Ted Cooke


"Recently, Ben was the speaker at a men’s breakfast we do as a church.
You know how, sometimes, when you hear something, it clicks, and you know it’s truth.  Then, it gets you thinking about what’s right, or not, in your life, reinforcing the good, and encouraging change. It was like that.

The setting was spiritual, but the truths were universal.

Some of the things said that apply to both personal lives and corporate were:
  1. A goal is not a plan.
  2. Forgiveness is not an eraser.
  3. Forgiveness is like hydration.
  4. Ego is your identities body guard.

Most importantly, I want to say that when you are talking one on one with Ben, you know that he really does care about you as a person.  I would highly recommend him for any men’s or corporate occasion." 

- Paul Cles, Pastor & Elder


"I heard Ben speak at a men’s breakfast at my church a couple of weeks ago.  His topic was on “What Is On Your Plate?”  All in attendance were captivated by Ben’s life stories and his deep insights on how to address those things that we chose to put on our plate in life (and some items that people try to put on our plate for us). 

Ben’s approach to life’s circumstances and clear analogies on how we nourish our life by not only being purposeful on what we put on our “life plate” but also what items we should leave off our plate.  I walked away from Ben’s talk inspired and encouraged on how best to move through life’s challenges with purpose and clarity."

 - Ken Henke


"I recently had the privilege of listening to a talk Ben gave called, “What’s On Your Plate?” The content centered around how people deal with transition in life and the importance, in transitional moments, to pay attention to what we are serving ourselves and letting others serve us. Ben has a depth of wisdom and knowledge that I respect. He can communicate complex human issues and solutions in a way that makes them relatable, understandable, and easy to apply to all who are listening. Ben’s expertise is good food worth putting on your plate!"

- Ryan Williams, Youth Pastor


"Ben spoke at our September 2021 luncheon. It was our first in-person event for Covington Chamber members in 18 months, so we wanted it to be inspirational. The theme was "What's On Your Plate?", and Ben did a great job of reminding us that our plates are full, but they don't have to be. We can rebalance things and ask for help. Even more importantly, we can revisit our priorities. Ben was easy to work with, professional, and inspiring. He gave us some great takeaways, and we'll definitely invite him back for future events!"

- Dana Neuts, Executive Director, Covington Chamber of Commerce