Empowering You In Today's Dynamic Environment


Ben is a former US Air Force Instructor pilot turned entrepreneur who has led over a million people in his 30-year career on missions around the world. While dealing with these fast-changing, dynamic environments in both peacetime and in combat, he showed teams how to establish a solid orientation in their situation, provide effective clarity for their actions, and produce mission success in countless scenarios.

A Bit About My Story


Let me explain why I am so confident about the power of these principles and skillsets.


I was a US Air Force pilot trying to find a direction outside of the military. I really wanted to reinvent myself for my next career move to avoid remaining in a career path I had outgrown. I wanted to be able to translate my experience into a rewarding practice of helping people and work my business from anywhere in the world while traveling with my family.
However, I was struggling to figure out how I was going to make the jump into the civilian world.
I was assigned to an unfulfilling job, working for a supervisor who had no interest in helping any of his support staff, resulting in more stress and undue responsibility - taking even more time away from my family.
That meant I had to make the decision to walk away from my six-figure, 30-year career, which killed the only source of income I had ever known and face the uncertainty of following my desire on an unknown path.
I then made a revelation about bridging my worldwide experiences into a transformative process to help individuals and businesses alike.
I recognized how to provide massive value to people who are experiencing disorientation, especially in a season of transition, through my own situations around the world. I realized I had found a way to offer a proven method of coaching and leadership to people from all walks of life.
I began distilling all the lessons and techniques I had acquired from over 30 years of operating worldwide, leading teams in countless environments and situations.
I encapsulated some of the key principles into a document called "Mission Hacks", which you can receive for free.
It is my aim to empower and build people, teams, and organizations through my courses and coaching.
I look forward to having the opportunity to work with you!
Best to you,
Ben Morley