Available Courses

The Apogee Clarity Method Masterclass

With the Apogee Clarity Method Masterclass, I took over 30 years of leadership experience and created a proven set of lessons teaching anyone how to establish massive clarity and purpose, no matter what their business or the current environment is, so they can emerge stronger and better in the next chapter.

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The Pontio Bundle

Team building can be complex and may not be a natural skill set for us. The Pontio Bundle empowers you to develop and further hone these skillsets, increasing your effectiveness personally and professionally.

In this video series are my top 10 principles I have learned from over 30 years of team building and leading teams around the world.

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The Canji Inner Circle

This exclusive group coaching holds the keys to get the feedback and mastermind support you need, enabling you to generate targeted solutions quickly and stop wasting money and time on issues that don't resolve your key issues.

In the Canji Inner Circle, you receive 6 months of weekly group conference phone calls with Ben, creating the powerful opportunity to tailor the coaching to your particular business needs.

This course is an ideal pairing with the Apogee Clarity Method Masterclass.

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