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Learn How To Establish Clarity And Purpose In The Changing Business Landscape


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As A Business Owner Focused On Increasing Productivity And Profitability In These Changing Times...


Are You Satisfied With Your Current Level Of Clarity And Purpose?


Are you realizing life is not going to return to the pre-pandemic normal you were familiar with?

Do you understand the need to effectively adapt to the wild twists and turns of the worldwide business environment?
Have you experienced the pain of trying to solve today's problems with yesterday's outdated solutions?

A Bit About My Story


Let me explain why I am so confident about the power of these principles and skillsets.


I was a US Air Force pilot trying to find a direction outside of the military. I really wanted to reinvent myself for my next career move to avoid remaining in a career path I had outgrown. I wanted to be able to translate my experience into a rewarding practice of helping people and work my business from anywhere in the world while traveling with my family.
However, I was struggling to figure out how I was going to make the jump into the civilian world.
I was assigned to an unfulfilling job, working for a supervisor who had no interest in helping any of his support staff, resulting in more stress and undue responsibility - taking even more time away from my family.
That meant I had to make the decision to walk away from my six-figure, 30-year career, which killed the only source of income I had ever known and face the uncertainty of following my desire on an unknown path.
I then made a revelation about bridging my worldwide experiences into a transformative process to help individuals and businesses alike.
I recognized how to provide massive value to people who are experiencing disorientation, especially in a season of transition, through my own situations around the world. I realized I had found a way to offer a proven method of coaching and leadership to people from all walks of life.
I began distilling all the lessons and techniques I had acquired from over three decades of operating worldwide, leading teams in countless environments and situations.
I encapsulated some of the key principles into the document called "Mission Hacks", which you can receive for free.
My plan was to create a course that captured the lessons learned from my career to positively impact other people.
Bottom line: These lessons enabled me to show one client how to TRIPLE their monthly revenue in less than two hours.
Building on that success, I created an online program showing clients the step-by-step method to achieve the same results for themselves.
I call it the “Apogee Clarity Method Masterclass.”
With the Apogee Clarity Method Masterclass, I took over 30 years of leadership experience and created a proven set of lessons teaching anyone how to establish massive clarity and purpose, no matter what their business or the current environment is, so they can emerge stronger and better in the next chapter.

Can You Imagine What Life Would Be Like If You Unlocked More Clarity And Purpose In Your Business Right Now?

If you have been struggling to effectively orient yourself in the changing business landscape, here's the solution you've been looking for...
Seamlessly adapt to the wild twists and turns of the worldwide business environment...
Remain nimble in these challenging circumstances...
Navigate any changes the market is throwing at you...
Maintain trust and buy-in from the individuals on your team...
Keep your customers happy as you shift...
... and much more!
And best of all... you'll start seeing results with the "Apogee Clarity Method Masterclass" in a single afternoon and it costs less than a decent TV entertainment system.

Here are just some of the results my clients have achieved:

One client discovered a $63,000 annual savings in 30 minutes;
Another saved $1.8 million on a building project;
One client has now identified a $200,000 annual savings;
Another has uncovered a $436,000 savings for their company;
Two clients will reduce their company's error rate by nearly 100%;
A client reduced their manufacturing changeover time by 59%;
Another honed a complex organizational process from weeks to minutes;
I increased another client's process capability by just two phone calls

The Apogee Clarity Method Masterclass


You receive a comprehensive 3-phased program, encompassing 27 instructional modules. This course is built upon three decades of leadership and experience, and has saved clients millions of dollars already!

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Apogee Clarity Method Masterclass

This insightful and eye-opening online course makes it simple to learn and implement the key principles to focus on in your business so you are able to generate crystal clear orientation and purpose while setting yourself apart from your competitors, generating next-level performance and results...while still having plenty of time left over for what's most important in your life.

Clarity Online Mastermind Group

This closed, exclusive Facebook group helps you to instantly plug into a network of like-minded business professionals so you can exchange ideas, tips, tricks, and even referrals while you connect with a group of people who share the same values, goals, and work ethic as you.

Clarity Masterclass - Course Worksheets

These straightforward learning assets are key for you to control your improvements and keep them on course so you are able to propel your business to the next level while confidently operating at a higher, more effective level to exceed your customer's expectations.

Clarity Masterclass - Module Transcripts

Comprehensive transcripts enabling you to use them in tandem with the course modules or as stand-alone documents. They provide you quick access to key lesson principles, either individually or used as an asset with your teams.

Act Now and get these incredible bonuses:


Kill Your Problems With a Pre-Mordem Workshop

This instructional training video makes it easy for you to gather your team to validate company alignment with values and mission, transparency of processes, and identify actions required so you can get hyper clear on what is needed to collaboratively problem solve and produce the vision to see problems and opportunities from a proactive angle.


Clarity Coaching - 30 Minute Consultation Call

This confidential phone interview gives us the opportunity to discuss your business, your vision, and your goals while identifying areas you want to focus on. From this call, we can highlight the keys to leveraging your strengths and the tools needed to take you to the next level.


“Why They Fail” Discussion and Analysis

This video provides valuable insights about why organizations fail to reap the rewards of improving themselves - even after learning the tools in this course! It shows how the organizational culture commits deadly errors harming themselves and their ability to serve their customers. This teaching also provides key actions you can take to prevent this from happening, ensuring success for yourself, your team, and your company right now and in the years to come.


"Ben Morley is the "quintessential" consultant...Rather than using this intellectual word I could describe Ben as representing the most perfect example of a self-contained leader, a clever, strong, excellent listener, with absolute resolve that stands by his word. Yet with all of these qualities, you would be hard-pressed to find one as humble as him."


Marv Smith-LeBleu, Business Owner, The Hair Lounge

Consultant and International trainer; recognized as the leading expert in the United States for his craft


"Ben is the epitome of professionalism. He is a man of great integrity as well as a great guy to be around. Very knowledgeable and has a tremendous heart to see others succeed in life. I have known been for well over 20 years and have watched him accomplish great things throughout his life. He loves his wife and adores his kids. He is constantly seeking ways to improve himself so he can be a reliable help and resource to others."


Paul Tinnon, leading Real Estate Broker


"Working with Ben this past week has helped me grow in so many ways. Going over the worksheets he provided helped structure my priorities in a more efficient way by looking at what areas were taking a lot of my time with big results or little to no results and tasks I should delegate more to my team.


He also asked the right questions. The right questions allowed me to really think deeply about many of the important things in life, what I want in life and how to understand more of why I do what I do.


I'm excited to share these tools with my team so we all feel more fulfilled in the life we live. Thank you, Ben!


 Saul Hardin, Personal Trainer, Coach, Fitness Expert

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With the Apogee Clarity Method Masterclass, I took over 30 years of leadership experience and created a proven set of lessons teaching anyone how to establish massive clarity and purpose, no matter what their business or the current environment is, so they can emerge stronger and better in the next chapter.

My clients have radically redesigned their business processes so they can thrive in the new business landscape. They have saved millions of dollars and completely transformed their businesses to flourish in any season.

You receive this comprehensive 3-phased program comprised of 27 instructional modules and 3 bonuses, including a personal consultation call from me...all for the average price of a decent TV entertainment system.

Let me help you elevate your business to the next level with the Apogee Clarity Method Masterclass.

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